How to Claim Cheap Car Insurance : Complete Guides

Learn how to claim car insurance in this article. You will get various information how to claim cheap car insurance so you will not be confused take care of it.

How to claim the right car insurance is very important to do when you have an accident. Both minor and heavy accidents must go through the proper claim procedure. If you have cheap car insurance, then you not only know how much insurance premium you pay. However, you also need to know how to claim car insurance when an accident occurs.

When you know how to claim car insurance, then you are much easier to complete all the affairs. You can save time, cost and energy because you know what you should prepare.


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What can you claim?

Before you learn how to claim cheap car insurance, you need to know what you can claim to a car insurance company. Claims are the attempt of the insurance policyholder to reimburse the insurance company against the risks. These risks are accidents, theft of an insured car or a natural disaster.You can claim against car insurance by the type of insurance you choose. In general, there are two types of insurance products are Comprehensive and Total Loss Only (TLO).

Differences in insurance claims

  1. Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance or all risk insurance provides comprehensive protection against all damage to your car caused by collision, car upside down, slipping, accident, theft, fire, misconduct of others and the responsibility of third parties.

  1. TLO insurance

Total Loss Only is an insurance that protects against car loss or severe damage to your car. The repair cost of this insurance is equal to or more than 75% of the price of your car.

Third party losses are borne by car insurance companies

If you have an accident and involve a third party, then the car insurance company will bear the damage and various expenses of that party. Third parties are victims of disasters or others involved in your accident. However, this coverage applies if the party does not have personal car insurance.

The amount of the sum insured on the claims of a third party amounts to the sum insured for the guarantee of legal liability to third parties as stated in the policy.


How to claim car insurance

  1. Immediately report the police

When an accident happens, almost everyone feels panicked, so do you. However, the way the first car insurance claim was to report to the police. Immediately report the incident or accident that you experienced to the police. Ask for a letter during an accident with the police. Information from the police is critical as a proof and determine the success of your insurance claims.

  1. Report the car insurance party as soon as possible

How to claim the second car insurance is to report to your car insurance as soon as possible. You get an opportunity to report the accident that you experienced a maximum of 3 x 24 hours via telephone, SMS or fill claim form online.

Almost all car insurance companies give the maximum time limit of your report submission cannot be more than three days. If more than the time specified, your insurance claim will be rejected.

  1. Take pictures while at the scene of an accident

The important thing you should know is to take a picture of the accident scene. Do not just quarrel with other parties involved in accidents or blame each other. You should take a picture of your car’s damage and the car of the other party involved. Take pictures describe the position and the process of the event. The pictures you take are authentic proofs to facilitate your claim process.

  1. Check and retrieve data

The fourth step how to claim cheap car insurance is to check and record the name, address and policy number of vehicles involved in the accident. You should also keep an eyewitness phone number to facilitate your claim process.

The data you need is:

  • Your full name and insurance policy number
  • Start and end date of your insurance policy
  • The date and time of the accident
  • Name, address and telephone number of all motorists, passengers, and eyewitnesses at the scene of the accident
  • Driver’s certificate of vehicle and license plate of all drivers
  1. Retrieve your physical state data

If you are injured in an accident, then you should retrieve data that can facilitate the claim process.

Some of the data you need is:

  • Take a scanned photo of your wound
  • Retrieve data from police reports and ask for photocopies
  • Ask your doctor for information related to your injury
  • Write down everything related to your injury
  1. Prepare the document

There are several essential files which you must complete the claim process. In the insurance policy, there is information about various documents to file a claim.

Some of the files below to the workshop include:

  • Photocopies of insurance policies
  • Photocopy of vehicle certificates and your driver’s license
  • A letter from the police if your vehicle is seriously damaged and involves a third party
  • Document chronology of events briefly and clearly

Accident documents

  • Claim form that you have filled out

Your car insurance claim will be made by the insurance company if the policyholder has completed the claim form thoroughly.

  • Copy of car insurance policy

This document shows that you are a customer of the insurance company. This document is also to find out whether the premium has been paid according to the agreement or not.

  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Photocopies of vehicle number certificates
  • A letter from the police

This certificate becomes the consideration of car insurance companies to provide compensation or not.

Document of third party liability

  • Statement of third-party indemnity claims

This report is guaranteed if it is the policyholder that caused damage to the third-party car.

  • No statement of insurance

Almost all car insurance companies will not compensate if a third party has car insurance. Therefore, this document is required to obtain the compensation.

  • Photocopy of driving letter of is in, letter of vehicle number and identity card
  • A letter from the police

This certificate is proof that indeed at the time and place of the accident there is an accident involving the third party car.

  1. Attending a partner workshop

How to claim the next car insurance is to visit a partner’s workshop. After all the files you have collected, visit the auto dealer’s auto insurance shop. Tell the workshop that you want to claim insurance. A partner workshop will contact your insurance company and check your car’s damage. Do not try to repair your vehicle in a workshop that is not your partner’s insurance company’s workshop. If that happens, your car insurance claim is denied.

  1. Fill out the form

Fill out the form correctly while you are in the workshop. Make sure the information you write is correct like date, time, street number and more. Do not try to lie or give a false kickback because the workshop will check your car’s damage. If the data on the form does not match the actual, then your claim can be rejected.

Once you fill out the form correctly, you just need to wait for information from the workshop. If your car suffered minor damage, maybe a few days your car has been repaired. However, if your car is severely damaged, you should ask the repair shop again.

  1. Issuance of work orders

After you fill out the form, then the car insurance company will issue a work order to the workshop. After the letter comes up, the repair shop will repair your car. This process is critical from how to claim car insurance to get your rights as a car insurance policyholder.

  1. Monitor your car’s repairs

Monitor the progress of your repaired car at the workshop. See if your insurance company’s repair shop fixes damage to the car correctly or not. If something goes wrong with you, immediately report it to the insurance company. By monitoring car repairs, you can avoid losses.

By knowing and learning how to claim car insurance above, you can make insurance claim easily and quickly when an accident.


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